PC Repair Shop Mesa

PC Repair Shop in Mesa


Are you trying to find a PC repair shop in Mesa? We would like to tell you about our store. We are a locally owned and operated PC repair shop in Mesa. We are the kind of store that welcomes all customers. We sell computers and repair PC’s. We do not fix Apple computers at this time. We do fix many brands of PC computers. We fix Lenovo, HP and Sony computers. Some of the other computer manufacturer brands that we work on are Dell, Asus, IBM, Compaq, and Toshiba. There is not a computer that we won’t work on. We love computers that’s why we own a PC repair shop.


Low Prices at Our PC Repair Shop in Mesa


We work very hard to keep our prices low. We do not have some big fancy office building. We work out of a vintage building near downtown mesa. We have one of the lowest labor rates in all of Mesa. We have a small diagnostic fee. If you have your PC repaired at our shop we credit the fee. We offer some flat rate PC repair items at our shop. We can tune up your computer at our PC repair shop in Mesa. We stock many RAM upgrades. We have SSD hard drive replacements available.


If your machine has caught a virus we can help. At our PC repair shop in Mesa we do a lot of virus removal work. We can fix all types of virus. Trojan horses, key loggers and malware are the most common types of virus we remove at our pc repair shop. We have the ability to upgrade your software as well. If you are still running Windows XP it is time to upgrade. Microsoft has stopped all support for Windows XP. This means that your computer can be easily hacked. A Software update will protect you.


If you are ready to come visit our PC repair shop in Mesa Az please don’t hesitate. We love to meet new customers. If you have any questions before coming just give us a call. We are open Monday – Saturday and Closed on Sunday.